Our Story

Our Story


Rather a remarkable happening in 1994, the establishment of Prithvi Inner Wear spiriting with excitement and revolution in manufacturing quality Inner Wear for all groups. Prithvi Inner Wear spade fast to be known across its domain and did impress its customers with its growing collection.

High-quality durable inner wear for women with a fun sense of style, looking for versatility. We’re committed to deliver premium quality innerwear and loungewear at an affordable price, coupled with a multitude of colour options.

"The Fragrance For Life - Prithvi Inner Wears"

In present day we are incredibly gratified and proud for the success and reputation, yet the strive for competitive quality, design and customer satisfaction keeps us distinguished in the market. We are empowered to lead the show with constant innovation and designing

"Step Into The Inner Beauty Revolution"

The company functions with the guidelines of philosophies and principles for the well being of its employees, associates and the customers as well. Its core values demonstrates the strength and the mission of the company. With the pride of being known as the customer focused company we do integrate ultimate employee satisfaction, providing protected work environment enriched with ultimate safety. We do culture the core values of care, loyality, knowledge, innovation and the pinnacle integrity.

Zero Defect - Zero Effect (ZED)

Prithvi takes the certification of Zero Defect which is meant for quality management system. It demonstrates to enhance the customer satisfaction and the process assures certain statutory and regulatory requirements. The scheme envisages promotion of Zero Defect and Zero Effect (ZED) manufacturing amongst MSMEs. We have received our ZED certification, and our vision is to enable the advancement of our industry to a position of reputation in the global marketplace and leverage India’s emergence as the world’s supplier through the Made in India mark.

"Great Mind With High Momentum, So Is His Success"

Prithvi Inner Wear functions in the shadow and guidance of Mr. S. Balan, who is an adorable entrepreneur whose experience denotes the success of his establishment with impressive strategies, work force and the systems. He is keen in innovating tailored solutions for each of his customers and implements strategies for the mutual benefit.

With the distinguished potential he works to identify and resolve issues for the overall productivity and efficiency. He does drive those working for him towards the vision of the individual and the company. He tirelessly works with a Prestige which promises achievement. He is a mentor delivering nothing less than excellence.

"Recognition Acknowldges Quality Products And Services Across The Nation"

Prithvi Innerwear is located in the Semi-Urban location which its one of the permanent establishments. The premises spreads across in the area of 40000 square feet. This well established firm functions its success with the work force support of about 950 direct employees and 500+ indirect employees which has grown reasonably well since its establishment during 1994.